lena dunham girls season 3 finale recap hbo 'Girls' Season 3 finale: Did 'Two Plane Rides' just take Hannah away from New York?“Girls” wrapped up Season 3 on Sunday (March 23), and it looks like when Lena Dunham’s HBO comedy returns for Season 4, not everyone will be in New York where we left them.

In typical “Girls” fashion, the finale landed further on the dramatic side, as each of the girls’ respective issues built to a head. Let’s take a look at where each girl wound up, shall we?


Has Hannah ever seemed more truly proud of herself than she did in this half hour? After receiving word that she had been accepted to grad school at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, there was something different about her, something more assured. She’d previously sneered at the idea of grad school as giving up on her professional pursuit, but the reactions she received when telling Marnie and her parents seemed to be all the encouragement she needed to make a tough decision — one that will take her out of the city of her dreams.

Naturally, she makes the misguided decision to tell Adam just before he has to go on stage for opening night of “Major Barbara” (which looks like a kind-of terrible show, IMHO). She tells him he’s inspired her and taught her about perseverance, then drops the bomb that she thinks she’s going to go to Iowa. For her, it’s an opportunity to be an “artist couple” who chases their dreams while being separated most of the time (and, sure, maybe a bit of a way to get back at him for the distance he’s put between them during his rehearsal process). It leaves him stunned, and later, he blames what he feels was a poor performance on her ruining his process.

She tries to defend herself, and is in the right because Adam’s been pretty insufferable in how he’s treated his relationship since landing the play, but Adam can’t handle anything that isn’t exactly how he wants it. He’s tried to make it look like he’s changed this season, but he hasn’t, not really. He cuts her deep by saying, “I’m sick of trying to work it out. Can’t one thing ever be easy with you?” Uh, dude, take a look in the mirror.

So, Hannah leaves him to celebrate his opening night alone and returns home to her acceptance letter, which she clutches to her chest, looking happier than she’s really ever been. Hannah’s always been chasing validation for her writing, and this is the biggest instance she’s been offered — more than her publishing deal, more than her job at GQ. Of course, it can’t work out, but we’ll leave those worries for Season 4. For now, we’ll bask in the joy alongside Hannah.


Someone not basking in joy? Shoshanna. In a move that’s been telegraphed since the start of the season when she was sleeping in the library, Shosh was informed she’s not graduating after failing a class. To make matters worse, Marnie drops the bomb that she’s been sleeping with Ray.

In a heartbreaking moment, Shosh makes a play to get Ray back at Adam’s opening night. She basically begs him, tells him he makes her a more stable human, but he pushes her away. This story isn’t over, not yet, but it doesn’t look good.


Marnie continues her insane pursuit of Desi, the person who told her he had a girlfriend when they first met. Marnie’s kind of the worst, right? She brings Desi James Taylor’s guitar pick as an opening-night gift and has some demented belief that it’s cool to steal him from his girlfriend. Hannah’s pretty horrified at her behavior, as she should be.

When Marnie runs into Desi’s girlfriend Clementine in the bathroom at the theater, she gets what she deserves and is read to filth. So, naturally, the last we see of her, she’s creepily watching Desi and Clementine through a gate as they fight outside the party. Marnie’s really lost her mind.


Is Jessa still on this show? Every time the show cut to her this season, it felt like we were watching a different show entirely. She rarely interacted with any of the other girls, and tonight was no exception. After randomly landing a job with Bedelia, the artist at Marnie’s gallery, last week, tonight we learn she’s been asked to help the wheelchair-stricken photographer kill herself.

It’s a rather lovely way to hold up a mirror to Jessa, forcing her to examine her drug use and her petulant disrespect for her own life. Whether it has any lasting effect remains to be seen. Also left to be seen? What repercussions come Jessa’s way when the paramedics come to rescue Bedelia after she changes her mind and learn Jessa had a hand in it.

What did you think of the Season 3 finale of “Girls”? Do you think Hannah will be in New York when the show returns for Season 4? Sound off in the comments below!

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