HBO has released an extended look at “Girls” Season 4, which expands much further on what fans can expect from the characters in the upcoming fourth season of the series. 

In the promo Lena Dunham says this season, “The girls are making smarter choices and realizing life is still hard.” One of those big decisions is Hannah’s choice to take the Iowa writer’s workshop. Dunham divulges that Hannah’s only reservation on taking the next step in her career is what it will mean for her and Adam’s relationship. It turns out she is justified in her fears. While Hannah pines away for her long distance beau, he is using their break to explore new horizons. In simpler terms — he isn’t sitting at home pining for Hannah, like she is for him. Dunham explains once her character catches wind of this it is a huge blow to her ego and she doesn’t handle it in the maturest of ways. 
As for Marnie, fans already know she and the super hot Desi are making a go of it as a musical duo. Her affair with Desi also continues and yeah — he still has a girlfriend. Dunham explains there’s a part of Marnie that wants love at all costs and deep inside the character is desperately insecure. “She’s not a monster,” Dunham says. “She’s a very hurt, broken girl.”
Shoshanna is at a crossroads in life and has never felt more useless. She will cope with the terrible world of job interviews and struggles in Season 4 to find herself outside of school walls. She finds strength and motivation in spending time with Ray and nurturing his goals in a friendly non-romantic way. The two will push each other to do great things outside of their comfort zones in Season 4. Ray will be the first to take the plunge by exploring a political career. 
Fans can look forward to a bit more of the same from Jessa. However, she will start to explore where her tendency towards the destructive stems from. Another thing that needs mending is her and Hannah’s relationship, which is tense at best. 
In the promo Dunham also reveals Hannah and Elijah party hard in school together, which involves some JELL-O wrestling on her part. The actress reveals when production filmed the scene it was 42 degrees outside, so the gelatin-like substance had to be heated up before the wrestling match. Check out all the oooey gooey goodness in the “Girls” Season 4 extended promo above. 
Posted by:Sarah Huggins