cabin sisters clara zosia mamet 'Girls' star's Kickstarter fail: Zosia Mamet and sister Clara fall far short of goal“Girls” star Zosia Mamet and her sister, “The Neighbors” star Clara Mamet, formed a band called The Cabin Sisters and tried to raise money via Kickstarter to make their first music video. They failed.

It’s the latest celebrity black eye in the brave new world of Kickstarter, which successfully funded an upcoming “Veronica Mars” movie far beyond expectations and also raised a whole lotta dough for Zach Braff to make a follow-up to “Garden State.”

Both the “Mars” project and especially the Braff movie drew controversy for asking fans to contribute money to a project without the prospect of any financial compensation in return. Instead, fans receive a few perks and the knowledge they’ve helped support something they believe in. It’s kind of like PBS’ pledge drives, and if people want to hand over their money, well … that’s their right.

Because there’s also a downside for celebrities hoping to cash in on the Kickstarter trend: Not every project actually gets funded. (If you don’t meet your goal on Kickstarter, you don’t see any money at all.)

We saw this recently with Melissa Joan Hart’s disastrous attempt to fund a raunchy comedy, and now with the Mamet sisters’ attempt to fund a music video.

The Mamets hoped to raise $32,000. They actually raised $2,783.

Such potential rewards as Zosia’s set chair from the second season of “Girls” (yours for a mere $8,000 pledge) or a cameo in the video (that’ll be $7,000, please), went unclaimed.

But the few fans who did contribute to the cause shouldn’t despair! Surely, two actresses currently starring on relatively successful TV series and born to famous parents (playwright David Mamet is the father of both; Zosia’s mother is actress Lindsay Crouse and Clara’s mother is actress Rebecca Pidgeon) must have other avenues available to create a music video. Don’t you think?

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