giuliana bill rancic baby Giuliana Rancic shows off new pictures of her 'dream baby'Giuliana Rancic made a triumphant return to the “Today” show Wednesday morning (Sept. 19).

Almost a year after revealing her breast cancer diagnosis on the morning program, the E! host was back to share pictures (later posted on E! Online) of her new baby son with husband Bill Rancic.

“In one year, so much has happened,” Rancic told “Today’s” Savannah Guthrie. “This was the best year of my life because of the baby, and it was the worst year of my life because of the breast cancer.”

Edward Duke Rancic was born Aug. 29 via a gestational carrier, who, Rancic said, “gave us the greatest gift in the world,” Rancic said. “When he came into the world…we just started hysterical crying tears of joy. It was pretty emotional.”

“The moment I looked into Duke’s eyes for the first time, I fell in love and realized that nothing else in the world matters,” Giuliana writes in a blog for the “Today” show. “Bill and I could not be happier or more enamored with him!”

“It has been the best few weeks of my life and I cannot wait for what the future holds,” she adds. “For now, we are savoring every moment.”

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