129197545cropped Giuliana Rancic's husband says she's doing well after surgeryGiuliana Rancic is doing well after surgery, according to her husband Bill.  The E! anchor recently announced on “Today”
that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Shortly after that,
she went through a double lumpectomy.  On Thursday (Oct. 19), Bill gave “Today” an update on
his wife’s condition.

He told the show that Giuliana’s surgery
began with a two-hour MRI that involved guide wires inserted into one
breast so the surgeon could see what to remove. Then came a mammogram
and a guide wire in the other breast, then surgery to remove the lumps.
“She’s a trooper, she pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get

it over with and get the cancer out and is doing well at home,” Bill
said.  “I’m
adding nurse to my resume now.”

Bill said that her prognosis is
good and that this has changed her outlook on life.  “We’re viewing
this as a gift. It was caught very very early and we’re
going back to the doctor tomorrow,” Bill said. “They had to remove a
couple of lymph nodes and we’re hoping we get a report tomorrow.” He
said she hopes to return to work sometime next week.

get well soon! Let’s not forget that this is breast cancer awareness
month. Everyone take a moment to check yourselves, and get those mammograms. 

Here is the full video of Bill Rancic’s appearance on “Today.”

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