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Observant “Glee” fans may have noticed a familiar face in the trailer for ABC’s new comedy, “Mixology.” In this bar-set show, Vanessa Lengies plays a cheerful but love-challenged waitress who may or may not be dating the bartender (played by Adan Canto of “The Following”).

But if Lengies is starring in a new show, what does that mean for McKinley High School’s resident rich girl, Sugar Motta? According to a recent interview, the actress will definitely be leaving “Glee” for her new gig.

The actress discussed her move in an interview for As Lengies points out, it’s not like there won’t be time for Sugar to say her goodbyes, assuming “Glee” wants to go that route. “Mixology” doesn’t premiere until midseason, giving the actress time to go back to her old show for a couple of last hurrahs.

Whether she will or not remains uncertain — the character has never been a regular and no word has come from “Glee” about next season’s recurring cast. Still, Lengies is happy about both her past on “Glee” and her future on “Mixology.”

“I met some of the most fantastic people [on “Glee”], but I was being hired per episode. I loved getting to be there and dancing around, but I didn’t really have much of an opportunity to act,” Lengies said in her interview. “For an actress who really hasn’t gotten to act for two years, it was like letting a wild dog out of its cage.”

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Will you miss Sugar on “Glee”? Should the show bother to say goodbye, or should the character just fade away like others before her? Will you watch “Mixology”?

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