glee blaine rachel kiss 'Glee': Blaine and Rachel hook up, we remain jealous of herGlee‘s” Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) gets all the love! She’s hooked up with Finn, Puck, Jesse St. Sexy, and now she’s throwing a house party where she finds herself in a liplock with Blaine (Darren Criss), of all people. No fair!

Poor Kurt (Chris Colfer). So much screen time, and yet he can’t catch a break.

On Valentine’s Day Blaine dissed him in favor of a closeted Gap floor employee, and now Rachel? Do all of Kurt’s crushes have to turn to Rachel?

Luckily for Kurt, but not for the female population of the fictional McKinley High universe, Blaine’s foray into heterosexuality isn’t going to last long. “Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real. I think that some people will love that discussion and some will not love it,” Ryan Murphy tells Out.

Blaine’s make-out sesh with Rachel isn’t going to lead to a relationship, because he’s definitely only into dudes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean good news for Kurt. “It’s my job as showrunner to keep them apart as long as possible,” says Murphy.

Oh. So that’s his job.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode below. We’re just hoping that Blaine and Rachel’s experiment leads to at duet. We must hear them sing together. We must.

Promo Glee 2×14 – Blame It On the Alcohol
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