glee bridesmaids deleted scene 'Glee' 'Bridesmaids' scene finally revealedAnother day, another gift bestowed upon us by Ryan Murphy and his new social media presence. The “Glee” creator has been using his brand-new Twitter account to spill set photos, deleted scenes and spoilery info about his hit shows. Today brings us “Glee’s” never-before-seen “Bridesmaids” homage.

Although Lea Michele tweeted a photo of the female cast members posing like the “Bridesmaids” cast while shooting a scene, the dress shot never made the final cut of the episode (which ended with Quinn being hit by a car while texting and driving). Now, we see what we were missing.

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Rachel tries on her new wedding dress while her New Directions pals don their pink bridesmaids dresses in a salon reminiscent of the explosive (and memorable) scene from the hit movie. But things are a lot less gross in the Lima version — in fact, it mostly revolves around Quinn’s disapproval of Rachel and Finn’s marriage.

Check it out below. “Glee” returns Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

Posted by:Jean Bentley