glee spring soiree 'Glee' cast breaks Ryan Murphy's no sex in the trailers ruleIt seems the “Glee” cast just can’t keep their hands off of each other (not that we can blame them). Co-creator Ryan Murphy says that he’s had to enforce a rule on set… but the cast keeps breaking it anyway.

“I have a rule: don’t do it in your trailer!” Murphy tells the UK’s Heat Magazine. “They’ve broken that rule on
many occasions. I’m like, ‘I know you guys are young and hormonal, but
don’t do it in your trailer.'”

Murphy admitted that he often feels like “the dad” on set and refused to name exactly which of his young cast members got caught getting busy in their trailers. “I’ve certainly dated people I’ve worked with and, you know, when you work on a set for 18 hours a day I think it’s natural,” he says.

Ooh la-la! We wonder if any of the on-screen couples are stepping up the romance when the cameras are off. Any guesses, Zap2it readers?

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credit: Getty

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie