The Golden Globe nominations didn’t just honor “Glee” with a handful of nods, but it also got the cast talking, which means more details about upcoming episodes, courtesy of E! Online.

In particular, we learn more about the Super Bowl episode, which sounds like such an extravaganza that it made the cast ill. Oops.

We also hear more about the character’s various love lives, and yes, that means Finchel.  Apparently some of you fans aren’t too happy with their breakup.

Okay, first up though is Jane Lynch (above), who hopes to get more screentime with Gwyneth Paltrow in the future. There’s also a nice shout out to “Party Down.”

Next is the always adorable and humble Chris Colfer. It’s a rather long interview, but he does discuss how the fans have really latched onto the idea that Kurt and Blaine should kiss: “Calm down, perverts!” There’s also his dream casting ideas for Julie Andrews … and Anne Hathaway as his lesbian aunt?

Just watch:

Oh, we forgot to mention that sneak attack by Lea Michele. It’s so sweet to hear she’s Colfer’s biggest fan. “I melt on the floor and collapse at what he does,” she confesses.

Of course, she needs to address the whole Finchel situation and gives quite a  few details about the Super Bowl episode: There’s some sort of big scene at the end that somehow impacts Finchel (“Some stuff goes down.”) and she does a duet with Puck (Mark Salling).

Finally, we have Matthew Morrison who gives a little hope to those Wemma fans out there:

Hmm, we actually had no expectations about the Super Bowl episode, but now we’re very curious.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen