glee christmas 'Glee' celebrates Christmas with Chewbacca & carols
Well, the “Glee” Christmas episode of Season 3 certainly started out on the right note. Opening with such a pleasant cover of Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want for Christmas is You” was a great choice, but did set a high bar for the rest of the episode. Too bad the quality quickly took a nosedive as the episode descended into a weirdo black-and-white Christmas special parody with no discernible plot.

Besides completely ignoring the fact that Rachel and Puck are Jewish — like, there was literally no mention at all, and Rachel even made a Christmas list — what could’ve been a cute little parody of an old-school Christmas special turned into an overlong, self-indulgent joke. Why was Chewbacca there? For no particular reason, to be honest. They just kind of wanted to put a “Star Wars” joke in.

Since it was Christmas, obviously they also had to shoehorn in a feel-good plot about helping homeless kids with an accompanying singalong. Obviously.

Frankly, we really wanted to like this episode, but it was too ridiculous to follow (despite the chuckles and one-liners we actually enjoyed). Maybe if the black-and-white bit had been half as long and other things actually happened in the episode it could’ve lived up to our expectations. Instead, it was one of the weakest outings of the season.

What did you think?

Posted by:Jean Bentley