glee charice 320 'Glee' Charice, Chord and Dot: How do you like the new kids?Have you come down from the “Glee” Season 2 premiere yet?

We’re incredibly psyched with how the first episode back turned out. It feels like the show got back on track, much more like the first half of the first season. More storytelling and character work, great pathos, irreverence, songs paced out to have more impact.

First, we wanted to gauge how you feel about the three new recurring characters we’ll see:

Spoilers! Why haven’t you watched the premiere yet?

Sunshine Corazon (Charice) – Okay, wow! We’ve seen her on talk shows and YouTube before, but there’s nothing like putting her in a “Glee” setting, making her look so cute and innocent and then letting her absolutely kill that song. We got goosebumps. Also, having her recruited by Vocal Adrenaline may mean we’ll get some diva offs in the future.

Coach Shannon Bieste (Dot Jones) – Be sure to watch our video interview with Jones, who’s about the sweetest lady ever. We had no idea what to expect, but Coach Bieste is the best. Her scenes were heartbreaking and so incredibly real, and it’s no wonder Mr. Schue came around. How can you resist? We can’t wait to see her tackle Sue again, metaphorically, but sure, why not literally too.

Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) – We also have a great interview with Overstreet, which you ought to read. We’re finding Sam really likable and boy can he sing. We need him to do a guitar serenade. He would absolutely kill a ballad. Or just whatever. We just want more.

There’s really so much other stuff to talk about, we’re just going to throw out a few observations, pose a few questions and then let you guys have at it.


  • Jacob Ben Israel needs webisodes
  • How do you feel about the Mike Chang and Tina hookup? Poor, Artie, right?
  • We need Finn to man up when it comes to Rachel.
  • Kurt’s fashions. Discuss.
  • So, is Matt really gone and transferred?
  • Lea Michele sings great, but that last number just felt odd. We weren’t really feeling those lyrics, because they were ironic for the situation, but it’s such an earnest performance.
  • We missed you, Sue!

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen