chord ellen trou 'Glee': Chord Overstreet drops trou on 'Ellen'Chord Overstreet is practically naked in most episodes of “Glee,” so why in the world wouldn’t he drop his pants on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show?”

After flashing photos of his character, Sam, topless and wearing gold lame shorts from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” episode, Chord offers to flash his underwear — which turns out to be a pair of the “Ellen’s got my tight end covered” boxer-briefs DeGeneres had made for the Green Bay Packers.

When asked if he was at all shy about showing off his body on “Glee,” Chord replied “After the eighteenth episode, I got over it. It’s in my contract.”

The rest of the segment consisted of Ellen asking Chord softball questions about his family (he’s from Nashville, has four siblings and is currently single). Sadly, no discussion about his reaction to “Trouty Mouth.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson