chris colfer glee paley fest 320 'Glee': Chris Colfer says Kurt will pursue his love for Finn to the maxAs promised, Korbi TV will have new “Glee” interviews for you — straight from PaleyFest — every day this week. 

Taking center stage now? Mr. Chris Colfer, also known as Kurt.  

Last time we spoke, Chris and I discussed a possible love interest for his character, but all he knew was that he wants to be the better looking of the two.
In the clip below, Colfer says Kurt’s boyfriend is still yet to be cast, but co-creator Ryan Murphy assured us during “Glee”‘s Paley panel that it is happening.
In the meantime, Kurt’s infatuation with a certain football player is keeping him busy. “He’s still pursuing the love that he has for Finn,” Colfer laughs. “And he pursues it to the max, I would say. I don’t know if he could pursue it more.”

Of course, we now know that that pursuit includes an attempt to hook his dad up with Finn’s mom, so that they ultimately end up living in the same house. 

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh