chris colfer ellen degeneres wb 500 'Glee' Chris Colfer's bizarre sleep disorder on 'Ellen'Chris Colfer never ceases to surprise us. We’ve heard of walking, talking and even eating in your sleep … but shopping? ]]>“Glee” star returns to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday (Nov. 18) to share a story, and if you’ll recall from his last visit, he’s quite the amusing raconteur. This time around, Colfer divulges one of his oddest sleep habits: Sleep shopping online. “These really random packages kept showing up on my doorstep and I’d open them up and they’d be so random,” he tells DeGeneres. “Like the complete series of ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ and this huge, life sized poster of Lady Gaga. I don’t know why my subconscious wanted that poster. I think the weirdest was this huge framed portrait of Marie Antoinette showed up.” When asked what those could mean about his subconscious, he replies, “I don’t know.” Hmm, we’re trying to figure out the common denominator as well, other than that all three women are fierce in their own ways. carol gaga antoinette 'Glee' Chris Colfer's bizarre sleep disorder on 'Ellen'Here’s a thought: Gaga has already been featured on “Glee.” Burnett is guest starring on the Nov. 23 episode of “Glee.” So now we need to work Marie Antoinette in there somewhere. Work on it, Ryan Murphy. Photo credits: Warner Bros., PBS, Getty Images,

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen