glee chris colfer darren criss klaine reunion ice skates christmas twitter 'Glee' Christmas reunion spoilers: Will Kurt and Blaine get back together on ice skates?

This year’s “Glee” Christmas episode promises to be a big one. In addition to whatever else “Glee, Actually” has planned for the viewing audience, we will also get a long-awaited reunion between estranged boyfriends Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss).

Will it be a romantic meeting? What sort of singing can we expect? How does ice skating figure in?

Our first spoiler in all of this comes from a photo tweeted by Chris Colfer, showing himself and Criss wearing ice skates. The caption reads: “Eleven hours in ice skates! We’re ready for the olympics…or the hospital.”

The photo tells us two things. 1) Blaine will be traveling to New York City this Christmas season. 2) There will be an extended scene on ice. Because this is “Glee” we’re talking about, it’s a safe bet that singing will accompany that skating.

What might they sing? TVLine reports that the tune on ice will be “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”

Since that is a relatively melancholy Christmas carol, this unfortunately does not tell us whether or not Kurt and Blaine have a romantic future in store. But at least they will be together!

Posted by:Laurel Brown