glee actually christmas sue sylvester jane lynch fox 'Glee' Christmas: Take a first look at 'Glee, Actually'We may not have gotten past Thanksgiving yet, but “Glee” is already preparing for the holiday season. Photos from the show’s Christmas episode, “Glee, Actually,” give us a look at what sorts of presents Gleeks will get this year.

First of all, yes: The title does indicate that we are getting some sort of parody or homage to the great holiday film, “Love, Actually.” Which aspects of that movie will “Glee” copy? That remains to be seen. After all, we only have four photos.

So what is in the four photos?

First of all, we see Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), getting fully into the holiday spirit. The festive red and white colors indicate that the dreaded Cheerios coach may have some good tidings this year. That, or she’s just writing to tell Santa not to bring anything to New Directions.

Sue, however, has reckoned without Santa Brittany (Heather Morris). Is the glee club’s dullest bulb one of Santa’s helpers this year, or has she finally accepted the truth about Santa Claus? Either way, she has presents to hand out.

glee actually christmas brittany ryder fox 'Glee' Christmas: Take a first look at 'Glee, Actually'
Christmas is not likely to be a big thing for the Puckerman boys — being Jewish and all — but at least the holiday season gives them a chance to reunite in a fraternal fashion.

glee actually jake puck puckerman christmas fox 'Glee' Christmas: Take a first look at 'Glee, Actually'
Finally, there will be some sort of Christmas/holiday show. We can’t tell you what is in that show, but it does seem to make both Mrs. Rose (Trisha Rae Stahl) and Sue Sylvester happy.

glee actually christmas mrs rose sue sylvester fox 'Glee' Christmas: Take a first look at 'Glee, Actually'
The “Glee” Christmas episode will air on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 9pm.

Posted by:Laurel Brown