Glee_cast_02_290 The "Glee" club was scheduled to be part of the annual

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Now, not so much.

Seems the hit Fox show was originally invited by Macy’s. But then NBC — which is airing the parade coverage — retracted

the invite, according to's Inside the Box.

NBC and FOX reps haven't made any comments. 

But that hasn't stopped folks from wondering if NBC banned the Fox “Glee” kids

because of their hit show status. Jealous much?

Curiously, last year's parade lineup had floats featuring Nickelodeon

and Cartoon Network characters. MIA were any competing network’s prime-time


Are you as bummed as I am?  I was really looking forward to the “Glee" kids and dared to hope they would perform Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

How about you?

Photo credit: Fox

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead