finn rachel finale 'Glee': Cory Monteith and Lea Michele tease 'something big' for Finn and Rachel, Season 4We know that the “Glee” spinoff is officially dead — but not only will Lea Michele be back for Season 4, Cory Monteith confirmed to Zap2it that he’ll be back after Finn Hudson graduates too. “There’s no way I can’t graduate. I’m, like, 30 next year,” he cracks.

Seriously, though, Monteith says that he welcomes the big changes coming to “Glee” next season.

“Season 4 is going to be a whole different show. It’s going to be something a lot different than what people saw. It’s still very much the same show, the same formula that I think has found viewership, it’s just going to be a little bit of a shakeup. Ryan and the creators have come up with a really cool way to incorporate a lot of graduates– [they] can still be a part of the show but not change the entire paradigm of the series.”

Michele tells Zap2it that although her status was publicly up in the air, she always intended to return to the show.

 “I always knew in the back of my mind, like, ‘I’m coming back whether they want it or not! I’m going to be a janitor in the background. Be in the choir room window like [makes face].’ I ‘m thankful every single day,” she says. “Not only are we happy that we have our incredible jobs, but we’re a part of a television show that’s funny but at the same time is helping people and is doing something important.”

So that’s settled — Monteith and Michele will definitely be back. But will their characters stay together as they approach graduation? Michele teases that there’s “something big” coming up for Finn and Rachel.

Monteith expands, saying, “I think this season in particular is a lot more about Rachel’s ambition and Finn’s lack of direction. Is Finn going to be brought along on her path, or is he going to figure out what he wants to do? And what is it that Finn wants to do? I think these are all questions that he’s asking himself and will be continuing to ask himself through Season 3, and it’s going to get shaken up a lot near the end of Season 3.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley