cory monteith glee academy 'Glee': Cory Monteith talks Jesse St. James, Rachel Berry and TV mom Romy RosemontFinn Hudson, cute but not sexy?

Whatever the consensus was before, after this week’s interview with Cory Monteith, I must say, I beg to differ. 
Cory showed up for Monday’s Academy of Television Arts & Sciences event looking quite dapper.
You simply must check out the video below for a closer look as Korbi TV objectifies the kid like it’s nobody’s business.
We’re also talking about Jesse St. James — and how he’s clearly shady — Rachel Berry — and how Finn has finally realized she’s the one. Thankfully, I stopped myself from singing “Jesse’s Girl” to his face, but I definitely told him I was thinking about it.

What else?
We’re discussing the killer scenes between him and his TV mom, Romy Rosemont, this past Tuesday (April 27). Watch the clip for more on that, plus whether the families of Finn and Kurt (Chris Colfer) could possibly merge at some point…

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