julie andrews anne hathaway 'Glee': Could Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews reunite at McKinley High?We know, “Glee” fans… you’re getting kind of tired of the big-name guest stars taking screen time away from the more underused New Directions kids, like Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Mercedes (Amber Riley).

Despite your pleas, however, those big-name stars continue to campaign for roles on the show. Anne Hathaway, who is set to host this year’s Oscars alongside James Franco, is so enthusiastic about getting a gig on “Glee” that she’s already plotted out her role.

“In my head, I’ve cast myself in ‘Glee’ and I know what song I’m going to
sing,” the actress told Jimmy Fallon when she stopped by his show in December. “I would wanna play Kurt’s long-lost aunt… who is
also gay, who comes back to help him deal with his sexuality, and I
would sing ‘You Are Not Alone’ from Stephen Sondheim’s epic show ‘Into the Woods.'”

Rumors are surfacing that Hathaway may actually be in negotiations to do an episode, though it’s unknown if she’ll get to choose her own musical numbers.

Meanwhile, musical legend Julie Andrews is also reportedly working out a deal to be on the show. Andrews, who starred in “The Sound of Music” and “Mary Poppins,” is arguably the most well-loved musical actress of her generation.

When Zap2it caught up with Chris Colfer at the GLAAD Awards in April, he told us, “I really want Julie Andrews to play Kurt’s fashionable grandmother. That’s what I want.”

Could he get his wish? Andrews and Hathaway starred together in “The Princess Diaries” series that launched Hathaway’s career, so while we at Zap2it happen to be on the less-guest-stars-more-old-friends side of the fence, we certainly wouldn’t mind a little nod to the adorable Disney franchise.

That said, of course, it’s important to take all of these rumors with a rather substantial grain of salt. Everyone and their mother has been rumored to be cast on “Glee” lately. We’re just looking forward to the highly anticipated post-Superbowl episode. We’ll leave the casting to the experts.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie