chord overstreet glee tap 320 'Glee' couples dish: Sam and Quinn are dunzo because Ryan Murphy is boredThere’s about to be a “Glee” shake-up, ladies and gentlemen! Now, we’d like to note that we take executive producer Ryan Murphy‘s words with a grain of salt – he’s been wrong in the past, about his own show – but this time he sounds serious.

The latest couple headed for disaster? Sam and Quinn. Murphy tells EW, “I got bored. They were too perfect.”

We hate to be the ones to point this out, but… aren’t there two other people in charge of this show?

Unsurprisingly, the very blond breakup is bad news for Finnchel fans who are hoping to see Finn and Rachel patch things up sooner rather than later.

Quinn will once again take comfort in the arms of Finn, who will apparently totally forgive her for that whole pregnancy debacle last season.

Sam, meanwhile, “needs a little salsa spice” according to Murphy… so he’s going to hook up with Santana.

Meanwhile, Puck and Lauren are going to take the next step beyond “seven minutes in heaven” and give romance a go. Kurt and Blaine are also finally going to get together – and they’ll look adorable, if the cover of EW (below) is anything to go by.

Still solo? Rachel. Which is just as well – wouldn’t want her to run out of things to sing sad songs about.EW-kurt-blaine-large.jpg

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie