glee christmas s2 'Glee' covers 'All I Want for Christmas Is You'    is it better than Justin Bieber's?

Sorry, retail workers of America.
This holiday season brings us not one, but two high-profile new versions of Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” to add to every store’s holiday playlist. Justin Bieber‘s jazzed-up duet with Ms. Carey herself dropped first, and Friday (Nov. 4) brings a cover by the “Glee” cast (specifically Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes).
So, considering “All I Want” is arguably the best modern Christmas song since The Beach Boys’ “Little Saint Nick” — seriously, we’d argue that any day — how do the two covers compare to the original?
Despite the presence of Carey on Bieb’s version, we’re going to have to go with “Glee” here. The slightly slowed-down, retro beat works well here, and the lack of vocal acrobatics is refreshing (seriously, you do not need to add runs to EVERYTHING). Both adhere closely to the original, but frankly, the “Glee” version was just more fun to listen to.
Of course, nothing can beat Mariah’s original version.
Listen to the “Glee” version below and the Bieber version here, then let us know: Who did “All I Want for Christmas is You” better?

Posted by:Jean Bentley