lea michele justin timberla 'Glee': Did Lea Michele just tip the Super Bowl episode?“Glee” co-creator Ryan Murphy has said the show is negotiating with a “big” male musical artist for the post-Super Bowl episode in February. He hasn’t named names yet — but the show’s star has.

Emmy nominee Lea Michele floated a name in a recent interview, and it’s a guy who has a little bit of history with the Super Bowl: Justin Timberlake.

“I think they are saving Justin Timberlake for the Super Bowl episode,” Michele says in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “They have to be, because he is so perfect for our show. He has to be on it!”

Michele says she’s even gone through channels to try to convince Timberlake to make an appearance. “When I met Jessica Biel, like a loser, I asked her to tell Justin to come on our show,” she tells the HR. “She was a little taken aback and said, ‘Um, OK. I’ll tell him.'”

Timberlake, you may recall, was the man who ripped Janet Jackson’s bodice at the Super Bowl in 2004, exposing her breast, causing a huge uproar and bringing about a big FCC fine for CBS (which is still being contested in the courts). Prior to that, he and *NSync performed during the 2001 halftime show.

Murphy has said he wants the artist for the Super Bowl episode to be a draw for the guy-heavy audience to stick around after the game (He’s also said he could see JT playing Matthew Morrison‘s younger brother). Do you think Timberlake fits that bill?

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Posted by:Rick Porter