glee 307 'Glee' does Katy Perry (again)    watch 'I Kissed a Girl' right now!It’s good to know that despite their dueling glee clubs, the girls of McKinley High can stick together (including newbie Sugar Motta).

Last week’s “Glee” (Nov. 15) was disastrous for Santana, as a conversation with Finn in the school hallway was overheard by the wrong person and turned into campaign fodder for Sue’s Congressional run. Now, everyone’s dealing with the fallout from a negative campaign ad that outs Santana as a lesbian — before she’s even revealed that fact to her parents.

“Glee” returns with “I Kissed a Girl” on Nov. 29, but the video for the song was released online. In it, we can see that ladies from both New Directions and the Troubletones rally around their friend with an all-too-familiar Katy Perry song. (Yes, Tina sang this for her audition. Yes, it’s upsetting that she continues to be ignored — but that’s for a different post.)

Watch it below!

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Posted by:Jean Bentley