glee spoof billionaire 'Glee': Dr. Drew guest stars in 'Billionaire' parodyWouldn’t you like to be on “Glee”? Almost any musical theater student would love to land a role on the hit FOX show. Even Britney Spears’ manager lobbied to have on, and now a tribute episode has been shot for Season 2.

Musician Trevor Shand has jumped on the “Glee” bandwagon. In a video parodying Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire,” director Anderson Cowan shoots Shand putting in a musical plea to star on “Glee.” Series star Cory Monteith had first tweeted out the video on Thursday, Aug. 26. (He’s a busy boy on Twitter!)

Shand’s audience? A very confused, black t-shirt-wearing Dr. Drew Pinsky, sporting some guns, might we add.

Shand is rather aggressive about his pitch and dons some bad wigs to impersonate Sue Sylvester, Puck and Artie, but the lyrics are pretty clever.

Shand provides a sampling of lyrics:

“I wanna be on the show glee so frickin bad
I love it when sue sylvester gets mad
I wan be doin covers of everybodys favorite songs
With jenna uskowitz and fins mom …

yo I would probably sing a little chorus with that Heather Morris
pushing Artie’s wheelchair, makin fun of Williams hair
you could write me in as Rachel Barry s boyfriend like Jesse never happened and she aint never had Finn
let Mercedes have a solo like, here diva have this
and take a spot behind her just singin and dancin
it would be a blast to be a Cheerio so
lovin that Santana Matt and Mike are my bros so haha
got ocd like Emma Pilsbury
hit Bloomies with Kurt Hummel and my boy Cory Monteith
yeah..because I never stop believin
everywhere I go yeah I sing the glee theme music”

There are actually many more shout outs, including some for “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, his earlier show “Popular” and even the “Glee” piano guy. Can you catch them all?

We’re wondering how Shand knows Dr. Drew.

With or without Shand, the real “Glee” returns to FOX on Tuesday, Sept. 21

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Photo credit: YouTube/TWShand

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen