glee mj 311 7 'Glee' enrolls Grant Gustin at Dalton Academy in his Warblers returnThe Dalton Academy Warblers might have a new leader on “Glee” — actor Nolan Gerard Funk has signed up as the latest head Warbler for Season 4 — but that doesn’t mean its old one won’t be back. Grant Gustin is definitely returning as evil mastermind Sebastian.

Gustin stirred suspicion when he tweeted at “Glee’s” choreographer (and “The Glee Project” judge) Zach Woodlee on Oct. 23, writing, “I can’t walk. I can barely sit. I don’t even remember my name. @ZachWoodlee & @brookelipton I love/hate you both”

Earlier on Oct. 25, he tweeted a picture of dress shoes with the caption “Warbler gold in a row.” TVLine confirmed that yes, Gustin will be back in a blazer for several new episodes beginning in November.

Are you happy to see Sebastian back, or would you rather he stayed away after all the trouble he caused Klaine last year?

Posted by:Jean Bentley