glee fashion hello 320 'Glee' fashion scoop: 'Hell O' to affordable looksEven if you can’t sound like the cast of “Glee,” you can look like them.

Lou Eyrich, who won a Costume Designers Guild award for her contemporary designs and styling, is the person who makes McKinley High a fashionable place to be. For each episode of the show, she’ll share with Zap2it her secrets about where to find the elements of the award-winning show-stopping looks.

Rachel, played by Lea Michele, is perhaps one of the characters with the most distinct sense of style. Kurt (Chris Colfer) once commented, “Rachel somehow manages to dress like a grandmother and a toddler at the same time.” One of the Cheerios even says Rachel dresses as if she were home-schooled.

Eyrich tells Zap2it that Rachel has had a slight makeover for the second part of the season that consists of “bolder colors, bright tights, knee highs, but less argyle socks.”

The great thing about most of the “Glee” students’ fashions is that they’re accessible and affordable to viewers. For example, on Tuesday’s (April 13) episode “Hell-O,” Rachel wears a hot pink-red argyle sweater by Aqua cashmere at Bloomingdale’s and a red skirt with bow accent from Forever 21.

glee fashion rachel 'Glee' fashion scoop: 'Hell O' to affordable looksOf the “adults” on the show, guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) stands out the most.

“She’s a lot of fun to dress, and Jayma is so cute that whatever you put on her is instantly adorable,” says Eyrich. “We use a little more vintage with her but mix it with something contemporary. We shop a lot at Target for her. She’s prim and proper, but she’s not afraid to mix her colors, like red and orange. With her blouses, sometimes we cut off the sleeves so that they’re less bulky under sweaters.”

glee fashion emma 'Glee' fashion scoop: 'Hell O' to affordable looksYellow dress – Target; Red dress – Red by Valentino; Orange patent leather belt – J. Crew; White blouse with bow – H&M

glee fashion kurt scarf 320 'Glee' fashion scoop: 'Hell O' to affordable looksKurt‘s fashion has a sense of drama, with a few attention-getting pies. We were particularly taken with his chunky scarf in the episode.

“It’s a turtleneck scarf by Michael Kors. I think we got it at Barney’s,” reveals Eyrich. “It’s such a delicious piece, but it wasn’t worn right. I wasn’t on set that day, so it was worn wrong. It was wrapped twice, but it’s supposed to wrap once and then the ends hang down in front.”

With the exception of Kurt’s character, Eyrich says she has a more difficult time dressing the boys creatively since most of them are jocks, and therefore have a more limited look.

“They have letterman jackets, polos and plaid shirts,” she says. “They shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap and American Eagle for the most part.”

glee fashion jesse 320 'Glee' fashion scoop: 'Hell O' to affordable looksThe introduction of Vocal Adrenaline male lead Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff), however, allowed Eyrich to seek a different look.

“At first I thought he was going to be a lot more preppie, but they wanted him darker and more mysterious,” she explains. “He has this mystery to him and he’s the edgy bad boy.”

Jesse’s black distressed jacket is from Urban Outfitters, and the hoodie is courtesy of  Diesel.

Finally, for the big Beatles number “Hello, Goodbye,” the ensembles were incredibly affordable.

glee fashion hello 'Glee' fashion scoop: 'Hell O' to affordable looksBlack dress – Target; White bows custom made; Suits – Zara; White shirts – H&M; Skinny ties – Hot Topic; Shoes – Converse

Check back next week for the lowdown on the fashions seen in the “Power of Madonna” episode.

How did you like the episode? Which of these fashions caught your eye?

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