glee will emma journey to regionals finale 320 'Glee' finale: It's all about the loveThe theme of Tuesday’s (June 8) “Glee” finale? 


Fans got not one, not two, but three declarations of it from the dudes in three different almost-couples.

So which lucky women heard those three little words?

Finn and Rachel: Yes, Rachel kissed Finn after he begged her to lead the glee club and fight for a win, despite Sue standing in the way of their victory at Regionals. But he took her — and our — breath away when he told Ms. Berry he loved her just before they walked into the auditorium to sing their “Faithfully” duet in front of a huge crowd.

Will and Emma: When Emma tore into Figgins for disbanding New Directions after they failed to win at Regionals, Will let the “The L word” loose. In fact, he said that it doesn’t matter if she’s dating her dentist, because he loves her and she loves him. So, yeah, John Stamos is in for a fight.  

Puck and Quinn: While admiring their just-born baby girl as she slept in the hospital nursery, Quinn asked Puck if he ever loved her. His said, yes, but now, more than ever. Might we see a committed P-Money in Season 2?! 

Tell us, which “Glee” confession had you squealing?

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Posted by:Marisa Roffman