We bet you can’t this video and not smile.

Earlier this month pedestrians at a walking mall in Seattle got an unexpected shot of “Glee” in their lives when an estimated 1,000 people participated in a flash mob dance medley of hits from the series.

A flash mob is when a large group of people assembles in a public place
— seemingly going about their business as usual — and then suddenly
stops to perform, before dispersing as if nothing ever happened. Flash mobs have been happening all across the nation since 2003, but recently they’ve become a sensation. Janet Jackson witnessed a flash mob dance to her own music in Los Angeles last year and the Black Eyed Peas recently surprised Oprah with a flash mob when they performed “I’ve Got A Feeling” on her show.

According to the Seattle Pi, Gleeks flew into Seattle from all over the
world to participate in the mob. Some attended rehearsals, while some
practiced along with instructional videos online.

“I want people to be staring at their computer and be watching this
and have that really cool smile just creep across their face, and have
those goosebumps,” says choreographer and organizer Bobby Bonsey.

Congratulations, Bobby. It worked.

Bonsey, along with co-organizer Egan Orion and dancer Beth Meberg, plan to arrange another flash mob to coincide with Seattle Pride on June 27. There’s still time to join in the fun via OneDegreeEvents.com.

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Photo Credit: FOX

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie