glee theatricality 320 'Glee': Gaga and 'Twilight' and Shelby, oh myFiggins has decided that Tina’s goth style indicates that she’s at serious risk for an attack of spontaneous vampirism, so he insists that she abandon her look. And then Rachel learns that Vocal Adrenaline has purchased every fairy light and yard of red lace in the tri-county area. Which can only mean that they are planning a Lady Gaga number for Regionals (because unlike New Directions, they are actually planning their performance for Regionals instead of doing stupid weekly assignments). Will responds to both pieces of news by assigning the kids to explore their theatricality, by which he means they should do a Lady Gaga number of their own. The girls plus Kurt all spend the episode in amazing Gagariffic costumes, and they perform a stunning “Bad Romance.”

The boys (minus Kurt and Jesse, who is inexplicably missing this episode) don’t want to perform Lady Gaga, partly because Finn is having a little homosexual panic, caused by the news that he and Carol are moving in with Burt and Kurt and that the two boys will be sharing a bedroom. He freaks out and uses the “F” word when confronted with Kurt’s North African fantasia of a bedroom, causing Burt to freak out and tell Finn he can’t live with him if he can’t respect Kurt. In the end, Finn comes around and, in a fabulous red vinyl gown, defends Kurt from two bullies. But not before the boys (minus K and J) perform Kiss’s “Shout It Out Loud.” in fully theatrical makeup, of course.

Finally, while spying on a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal, Rachel hears Shelby sing (because apparently Will is not the only show choir director who can’t resist stealing the limelight) and realizes she’s hearing the same voice she heard on that tape last episode. She immediately approaches Shelby and comes out to her. Unfortunately, instead of the joyous reunion they both wanted, meeting each other makes them both unbearably sad. So they decide to part (for now), but not before singing a fun but highly inappropriate “Poker Face.”

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