glee sarah jessica parker makeover 'Glee' gets a makeover with Sarah Jessica Parker's helpIt’s hard to keep up with your significant other when they’re skipping around New York City with Sarah Jessica Parker — sorry, we mean Isabelle Klempt, SJP’s fictional editor on “Glee,” who made her first appearance on the hit FOX show in episode 3.

In real life a woman like Isabelle would be terrifying and intimidating, but on “Glee,” she’s so nice that she asks her 18-year-old intern for advice. Yep, anyone who has ever had a journalism internship knows that the high-powered editor always confides in her hired on the spot intern. Always. And said intern would definitely still get to keep his job after sneaking into the fashion closet late at night.

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But we’ll remember that this is “Glee,” and seeing SJP dance and sing with Kurt and Rachel during a makeover montage was delightful. (A montage is necessary in any fashion-themed plotline, so it was totally acceptable.) Besides, Kate Hudson already filled the bitchy mentor slot — Isabelle had to be nice.

But back to the relationship thing — being fabulous in New York was way too exciting for Kurt while his boyfriend was stuck back in Ohio at the school he only transferred to so they could be together. Blaine seemed lost, signing up for a bunch of clubs — including Sewing Club, Superhero Sidekicks Club and other bizarre, only-at-McKinley organizations — until he decided to run for Student Council president. He won, no thanks to running mate Sam, but that wasn’t enough to fulfill him in Kurt’s absence.

Speaking of the election, Brittany seemed pretty nice and well-adjusted after her loss, considering she had a nervous breakdown the week before. Oh, “Glee!”

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Back to the relationship troubles — Brittany and Sam got cosy, which might or might not bode poorly for Brittania. Are they going to go there? We don’t know yet. But the biggest couple drama came when Rachel embraced her sexy NYC makeover and decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to embrace Brody’s flirtation and flirt back. Long story short, they ended up making out back at the loft when the doorbell rang and FINN WAS THERE.

First reaction: Yay! Finn! Second reaction: Finn looks hot! Army boot camp did him good! Third thought: Oh crap!

Meanwhile, Mr. Schue has finally figured out what he wants to do next: change more kids’ lives as a member of the Blue Ribbon panel for arts education.

Best song of the week: A tie between Blaine’s cover of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and the Isabelle/Kurt/Rachel makeover montage set to “The Way You Look Tonight”/”You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile,” because they were both fun and it was really cute that they paid homage to SJP’s time as Annie on Broadway.

Worst song of the week: Sam and Brittany’s “Celebrity Skin,” because it was pretty awful. Let’s be honest. Chord sounded okay with a rocky edge in his voice, but it was totally cheesy and ridiculous and stuck out in a bad way. At least it got the phrase “hooker waitress” on “Glee,” that’s probably a first.

Final notes:
-This was the second “Treme” joke on a Ryan Murphy show in the past week.
-Sam needs to do more impressions, because they are hilarious.
-Not sure what to make of the double voiceover (Blaine before the credit screen, Kurt after).

What did you think of “Makeover”? How was SJP? Are you glad Rachel embraced the flirtation with Brody and spread her wings, or are you horrified that she betrayed Finn?

Posted by:Jean Bentley