glee 308 'Glee' gets current with 'We Found Love,' 'Moves Like Jagger' covers: Listen here!While the first half of “Glee” Season 3 featured more show tunes than chart-toppers, several recently released tracks from the second half of the season show a new direction for the FOX series.

First, Lea Michele and Naya Rivera tackle Rihanna‘s flawless Euro-pop track in a pretty faithful rendition (the synths are luckily still in tact). This is one of our favorite songs from Rihanna’s new album, so we’re psyched to have a “Glee” cover.

Less successful is Kevin McHale‘s mashup of “Moves Like Jagger” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” not because he isn’t a wonderful singer, but because the songs really don’t have anything in common (aside from the Jagger connection). The Maroon 5 parts are faithful to the original, so if you’re a fan of the tune (and really, who isn’t), you might enjoy at least part of the track. It just didn’t gel as a whole for us, however.

“Glee” returns with new episodes in January.

Listen below, and tell us which song is your favorite:

Posted by:Jean Bentley