gloria estefan glee gi 'Glee': Gloria Estefan spills details on her guest spotWhen “Glee” returns from its seven-week hiatus in April, Gloria Estefan will finally join the cast as Santana’s mom. (Though it was originally reported that she’d be in the same episode as Ricky Martin, obviously plans changed.)

Though Estefan hasn’t seen the script for her episode yet, she tells Logo’s NewNowNext that she’s looking forward to her guest spot on the show. “I’m a big Gleek,” she tells Logo. “My daughter and I have watched that from Season 1.”

The self-professed Ryan Murphy fan says that as Santana’s mother, she’s hoping for a big confrontation with Santana’s grandmother, who disowned her granddaughter whens he found out she was gay.

Estefan knows there’ll be a big musical number in her episode, but she doesn’t know what song she’s going to sing. In fact, she doesn’t expect to find out any details until she shows up to set.

Ultimately, Estefan is looking forward to making a difference. “I think it’s an important thing what they’re going to do with Santana’s character,” she says. “I think it can have a big impact, and send some positive messages out there to our youth. I’m looking forward to doing it.”

Check out the whole interview below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley