glee whoopi goldberg choke 'Glee' goes Broadway in 'Choke'   Listen to Lea Michele and Chris Colfer's NYADA auditionsRachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) finally get their chance in the spotlight as Whoopi Goldberg heads to “Glee” to play the dean in charge of NYADA auditions. The songs from “Choke” are now posted online — let’s listen, shall we?

The New Directions dudes do a rocky version of “The Rain in Spain” from “My Fair Lady.” We’re not really clear on the context of that, nor on the girls’ rendition of “Cell Block Tango” from “Chicago,” but it’s fun nonetheless. (It probably has something to do with the NYADA auditions. Maybe Broadway is the latest New Directions theme?)

Chris Colfer’s take on “Not the Boy Next Door” from “The Boy From Oz,” which we’re also assuming has something to do with the NYADA auditions, is also great.

Things get more contemporary with the ladies’ acoustic version of “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine and Puck’s rocking rendition of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.” Meanwhile, Rachel solos on Kelly Clarkson’s “Cry.”

You can listen to HQ versions at Glee the Music if the YouTube videos below get taken down.

Posted by:Jean Bentley