glee will emma gwyn 'Glee': Goodbye Gwyneth Paltrow, hello Will and Emma!Congratulations, Wemma fans! Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow, who, along with Kristen Chenoweth, is Ryan Murphy’s “Glee” muse, has left the building, making room for Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) to maybe possibly get back together.

Holly didn’t leave without an epic goodbye, of course.

As a result of Holly’s counseling, Emma has revisited her feelings for Will, and is on a break from her husband, Carl. “Carl’s gone,” Emma told Will when he brought up the overwhelming return of her OCD symptoms. “He asked for a moment, which I guess he’s legally entitled to considering we never actually consummated the marriage.”

Our hearts broke for her as she continued, “At what age are you allowed to look back on your life
with nothing but regret? I actually believed that I’d have a handle on
my OCD by now. It’s just been so long, and I’m so tired.”

Luckily, Will was there to make a rather grand romantic gesture: he put on latex gloves and proceeded to clean her grapes for her. “One day you’re going to find a way to beat this thing. Until then, I’m
here for you. No judgment, just a friend that you can count on,”
he said.


Unfortunately, Holly was watching the entire undeniably adorable exchange. Fortunately, Holly is a rolling stone, and she never really intended to commit to Will (or to McKinley) in the first place.
“I’m deathly allergic to commitment,” she told Will. “You knew that this was going to end this way. You broke my record. Five dates.”

After she gave him a gentle nudge toward Emma, Will asked her if she’d be back to visit.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said, before disappearing down a dark hallway like all good muses do.

So what we want to know, Gleeks, is this: How long do you think it’ll be before Will and Emma finally work it out?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie