glee new directions 100th episode quinn puck 'Glee' graduates in 'New Directions': 5 things to expect from episode 101The big “Glee” 100th episode celebration concludes with the McKinley High seniors graduating — yes, there’s an actual graduation ceremony in there — but what else can you expect from “New Directions,” a.k.a. episode 101?

1. An excellent fake “Amazing Race” audition tape with Sue Sylvester and Holly Holliday in matching tracksuits. Who cares if it makes no sense that Holly’s still there? This is a gem.

2. An imagining of “Glee” as a fake “Friends”-style sitcom, complete with laugh track. It’s actually awesome. (A+ FOX! Would watch.)

3. The final song ever sung by the glee club in the choir room. Thankfully, it doesn’t involve April or Holly, but rather two former New Directions members who have recently reunited.

4. A snippet of Finn dialogue and a remake of the “Glee” classic “Don’t Stop Believin’,” both of which will make you cry. It still hurts. Although this tribute feels a little too on the nose. That Nationals episode from a few weeks ago was a lovely Finn tribute; this one feels purposefully manipulative.

5. An excellent Puck quip. But he’s reformed now, so it’s not an insult. Just wait to watch; you’ll like it too.

“New Directions” airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT Tuesday (March 25) on FOX.

Posted by:Jean Bentley