gwyneth paltrow glee forget you 320 'Glee,' Gwyneth Paltrow rocks: Can we please replace Mr. Schue?Okay, as much as we want to make fun of Gwyneth Paltrow on “Glee,” especially after that kooky performance of “Forget You,” we admit …

… we kind of love her as substitute teacher Holly Holiday on Tuesday’s (Nov. 16) episode.

We give her major props on a few fronts: a) Her character actually feels right in the “Glee” world, not too forced, b) She keeps up with the cast, pulling out multiple musical performances and c) She actually makes us laugh.

Holly is the Best. Sub. Ever. She’s so in tune with the students and knows how to make her lessons relevant to them — using Lindsay Lohan to teach Spanish, jazzing up “Schoolhouse Rock’s” “Conjunction Junction” (um, they’re in high school, but we’ll let that pass), and giving a colorful interpretation of Mary Todd Lincoln:

gwyneth paltrow glee mary todd lincoln 320 'Glee,' Gwyneth Paltrow rocks: Can we please replace Mr. Schue?“Mary Todd Lincoln in the house. My husband was probably gay and I’m bipolar which makes me yell things like, ‘That teapot’s spreadin’ lies about me,’ or  ‘That can’t be my baby because I don’t love it.'”

We don’t even know where she got her accent, but we’ll take it. It was just totally unexpected. Is this a “Saturday Night Live” skit?

What else do we love? She drinks red wine while watching “Hoarders,” doesn’t slip on buttered floors, has a weakness for expensive beer, calls Terri Schuester a bitch and has a catchphrase.

“Forget You” is probably her best performance, but we give her credit for trying to keep up with Rachel on “Nowadays / Hot Honey Rag” and the fun “Singin’ in the Rain/Umbrella” mashup.

In fact, we’re thinking replacing Mr. Schue wouldn’t be such a bad idea. They’ve certainly left it open for her return. (And this would work very well with Zap2it’s TV rehab: 12 Steps to a Better “Glee.”)

For more about the rest of the episode, check our “Glee” Z-Cap.

And just cuz we enjoyed it so much:

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen