glee original song 320 'Glee': Hear all of the original songs (and covers) from 'Original Song'

There are a whopping eight tracks on deck for the Mar. 15 episode of “Glee.”

And though “Original Song” will feature three new songs written especially for the series — the previously mentioned “Loser Like Me” and “Right It Right” and the new “Hell to the No” — there will be the obligatory covers.

The Beatles‘ “Blackbird,” Maroon 5‘s “Misery,” Pink‘s “Raise Your Glass,” Sonseed‘s Jesus is My Friend and “Candles” by Hey Monday are all on deck. With the exception of “Jesus is My Friend,” sung by Aural Intensity, they’re all online. So let’s have a listen:

Mercedes (Amber Riley) has a solo tune… and it’s about tater tots. It’s fun and it’s upbeat, but lord, can we please give this girl another cause other than fried potatoes? Kind of insulting.

One of four Warblers numbers on deck for “Original Song,” this one is a nice duet for Blurt fans. Though our favorite of the group is still ahead…

Warblers tune #2: Call us nerds all you like, but all-male acapella groups tackling lady pop stars is the quickest way to our heart. One of the many things we have in common with Andy Bernard.

Warblers tune #3: This one is Blaine-centric (Darren Criss) and we’re a little put off by the backing instrumentals. The Warblers’ only instruments are their beautiful man-voices.

Warblers tune #4: Though this one is mostly just Kurt (Chris Colfer) and acoustic guitar. This might be our favorite offering from Mr. Colfer since “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” More Beatles songs for him, please!

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell