glee bad reputation 'Glee' high notes: 'Run Joey Run' or 'Ice Ice Baby'?“Glee” seems to have taken a page out of Andy Samberg’s “Saturday Night Live” Digital Short playbook. Lately, the McKinley High School kids and teachers have stepped off the stage and made videos, thanks to Artie and the mad skills he’s picked up in the A.V. Club.

Of course, Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) “Vogue” video takes the cake, but tonight Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) decided to gain herself a “Bad Reputation” with her own video for “Run Joey Run,” a Top 5 hit for David Geddes in 1975. She conned her three favorite boys into performing with her in the hopes that she’d come off looking edgier if she had more than one guy vying for her affection.

The video was perfectly cheesy, complete with fog machines, split-screen phone calls, and a cameo appearance by Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Toblowsky) who played Rachel’s father — accidentally shooting her when he means to get her boyfriend, Joey.

The other video featured in the episode had some serious star-power, with Olivia Newton-John revamping her iconic 1981 “Physical” video as a duet with Sue Sylvester. No more chubby guys in leotards and spandex. (Come on. Sue Sylvester would never tolerate that!)

As fun as these videos are, we’re still partial to the good old classroom fun, just like in tonight’s Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby” rendition by Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison), who also showcased his rapping talents on “Bust a Move” last fall. Plus, Rachel Berry’s ballet performance of “Total Eclipse of the Heart (Turn Around)” was one of our favorites of the season.

We’ll leave it to you Zap2it readers to decide. Do you like when the New Directions kids make “multimedia presentations” to present to the class, like Rachel did with “Run Joey Run” and Kurt and Mercedes did with Sue Sylvester’s “Vogue”? Or do you prefer the classroom scenes and stage performances like tonight’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” or the classic “Don’t Stop Believing”?

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