glee 308 sam 'Glee': How was Chord Overstreet's return?

You’d think “Hold on to Sixteen,” being the heralded return of Season 2 “Glee” fave Chord Overstreet, would focus on Sam’s return to the “Glee” club.
But aside from the funny-but-also-weird-when-you-think-about-the-fact-that-he’s-underage bit in the beginning about Sam stripping for money (and the subsequent country-fied “Red Solo Cup”), there was actually very little Sam in the episode.
The episode was more about togetherness and sharing and acceptance and all those warm, fuzzy things, with a good chunk of storyline dedicated to Mike Chang’s ongoing daddy issues. While we frankly don’t care a whole lot about Mike’s home life (we do care a little!), we do appreciate that this gave us opportunities for like three Tina scenes. Girlfriend consistently gets the shaft on screen time and solos, so we were ecstatic that this episode featured so much of her.
Of course, it would’ve been better if she had a storyline of her own, but we suppose beggars can’t be choosers. Although the New Directions were freaking out without Rachel’s presence and didn’t seem to remember that Tina and her amazing voice were in their midst (you guys, can we remember that Jenna Ushkowitz was also on Broadway and that it’s a travesty Cory Monteith gets a thousand percent more solos than she does?), they did the right thing and put her front and center during their cover of the Jackson 5‘s “ABC.” And she was awesome.
Our theory is that once Ryan Murphy decided she was a junior, he was like “eh, whatever, we’ll give her story and solos next year.” At least we’re hoping that’s what happened.
Anyway, aside from Tina being awesome, this episode also treated us to Quinn magically deciding to stop being bats*** insane (and hopefully leaving the Baby Beth plot for good), Kurt challenging Sebastian about stepping in on his man, Blaine revealing (hilariously) that he started a Fight Club at Dalton which he obviously can’t talk about, and a delightful three-song Jackson medley that featured a ton of different New Directions members getting solos instead of the usual Rachel, Blaine or Finn lead. There’s nothing like Kevin McHale belting out a Michael Jackson song. Magical.
However, as enjoyable as that Jackson medley was, do you think it was better than the Troubletones’ “Survivor”/”I Will Survive” mashup? We’re not sure. And frankly, we were predicting the ND rivals would win sectionals. But the fact is they didn’t, and now everyone’s back in New Directions and promising to all work together. Hey, if that means more shared leads and solos, we’re on board. 
What did you think of “Hold on to Sixteen”? Do you think New Directions should’ve won? And how awesome is Tina whenever the writers remember she exists?
Posted by:Jean Bentley