glee ricky martin 'Glee': How was Ricky Martin's 'Spanish Teacher'?

“Glee” got one thing right during “The Spanish Teacher”Ricky Martin is an extremely attractive man with a blindingly white smile. Unfortunately, most everything else about the episode was a mess. But since our parents taught us manners, let’s talk about the good things first, shall we?
One: Martin was charming, gorgeous, beautiful and overall handsome. While the “Sexy and I Know It” cover was horrific (turns out an awful song just becomes worse when you toss some Spanish phrases in), we totally dug his “La Isla Bonita” duet with Santana. (Despite the fact that it’s weird for grown men to sing romantic duets with teenage girls.) Plus, we’re ecstatic that we don’t have to pretend Will Schuester has any grasp of the Spanish language whatsoever anymore.
Two: Amber Riley has never looked more gorgeous, and why nobody has paid her to endorse something that requires her to smile a lot is beyond us. 
Three: We really, really love Kurt and Finn’s brotherly relationship. It’s one of the more believable things that has happened on the show yet — both of them were lonely and in need of a sibling bond. Way to go with the actual character development, writers!
Four: Emma’s pamphlets are hilarious and we wish they were actually used in schools. Also hilarious? Nene Leakes. But only if they trot her out to be ridiculous every so often — the joke will lose its luster FAST if they over-use her.
Now, onto the things we hated — namely, everything else.
The main issue we’re having with this episode is that literally nothing else happened aside from the introduction of Martin’s David Martinez, and the entire “Will can’t speak Spanish” plot was seemingly introduced as a device to get Martin on the show. 
The “Sue Sylvester wants to be a mom” storyline could not be more ridiculous and unbelievable, especially when she asked teenage boys for their sperm and didn’t get promptly fired. Maybe the writers were just sitting on a goldmine of sperm jokes they wanted to use?
The Mercedes/Sam thing yielded the only listenable songs of the episode (aside from that Madonna duet), but literally nothing new happened. Guess what? They’re still pining for each other but Mercedes is still dating that other dude! As for Rachel and Finn, we’re waiting until next week’s big Valentine’s Day episode to address their engagement because we have a feeling something’s gonna hit the fan.
But we’ll end on a good note: At least Santana pointed out how Will was perpetuating terrible stereotypes so it won’t happen anymore.
What did you think of “The Spanish Teacher”?
Posted by:Jean Bentley