Janelynch I mean, what can I say about "Glee"?

Would you be satisfied just hearing that the second and third episodes are better than the pilot?

Would you get excited if I told you that a couple of the main characters — who had quite a bit of sexual tension between them in that first ep — totally make out in hour two?

Would you maybe even wet yourself a little if I said that Jane Lynch is so brilliant on this show that I wouldn't be at all surprised if Sue Sylvester became the defining role of her career?

Just curious

All of the above is true.

And, yeah, it is sort of cruel — yet genius — how FOX gave you but a taste of "Glee" back in May and is now making you wait months to see more…

Can I alleviate some of your pain by answering a few of your burning "Glee"? questions.

Email me.


UPDATE: You can continue emailing her, but Korbi has already answered the first wave of questions.

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