morrison menzel 320 'Glee': Idina Menzel gets hot and heavy with Mr. Schu“Glee” has wasted no time in getting Idina Menzel into the thick of the action.

The Tony Award winner has joined the show’s cast for the rest of the season, and co-creator Brad Falchuk says she fit right in when she showed up on set earlier this month.

“I already directed her in the first episode,” Falchuk said earlier this week during a visit to the “Glee” set. “She did two small scenes with Matt [Morrison], so we’ve started kind of easing her into it. She was great. I don’t come from a musical background so I wasn’t that familiar with her. … She was fun to work with, fun to direct.”

But really? Easing her in? The way Falchuk describes Menzel’s first work on the show, that’s not what it sounds like: “She and Matt had an immediate chemistry. … Her first scene — literally it was ‘Welcome aboard,’ and they had a big makeout scene. So it was interesting for her. It was like, welcome to the show.”

A makeout scene featuring the leaders of New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline. Just let that roll around in your head until “Glee” returns on April 13.

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Photo credits: FOX (Morrison), Disney (Menzel)

Posted by:Rick Porter