damien glee 304 2 'Glee': Irish stereotypes in 'Pot O' Gold' cause controversy (yawn)Another day, another “Glee”-related outrage.

This time, IrishCentral.com columnist Patrick Roberts is up in arms over what he considers to be the ridiculous Irish stereotypes portrayed in “Pot O’ Gold,” in which “Glee Project” winner Damian McGinty dressed solely in green, sang a song made famous by Kermit the Frog and pretended to be a leprechaun. 
“Producer Ryan Murphy, with all that Irish heritage should be ashamed of himself,” Roberts writes. “It was ‘Amos and Andy’ except for an Irish character.”
We have one response: Welcome to the “Guys, That’s Not an Accurate Portrayal of my Homeland!” club, comprised of about 80 percent of my fellow Garden State natives fed up with trying to explain how the meatheads on “Jersey Shore” make up just a small percentage of our fair state’s population and besides, they’re not even from New Jersey anyway.
Anyone who watches TV and thinks the song-and-dance world of “Glee” mirrors reality in any way, shape or form really needs to work on expanding their worldview. Sure, the show has a responsibility due to the influence it wields on its wide-ranging audience to bring awareness to issues like arts education, bullying and adoption, but there’s no way “clarifying that all Irish people aren’t leprechauns” needs to be added to the agenda.
Sure, we maybe didn’t need to be hit over the head so hard with the “THIS KID IS FROM IRELAND” message, but maybe Mr. Roberts should take issue with the uneven storytelling instead. Now there’s an issue we’d like Murphy to address.
Posted by:Jean Bentley