The White House’s invitation for the “Glee” cast to perform at the annual Easter Egg Roll was the biggest sign that the show had arrived.

But do any of the Obamas actually watch the show?

“[President Obama” was saying that he wouldn’t let either one of the kids or both of the kids watch it yet because they were a little too young,” said executive producer Brad Falchuk on a conference all Tuesday (April 6).

Fellow EP Ian Brennan thought Falchuk has gotten his wires crossed.

“I think Sasha, the younger [daughter] does watch it. I think Malia the older daughter hasn’t,” he clarified but then added, “I don’t know who’s watching it. I would encourage all four of them to.”

glee white house 04 'Glee': Is Barack Obama a fan? Well ...glee white house 01 'Glee': Is Barack Obama a fan? Well ...“I would encourage them to get Congress to mandate it into some kind of law that everybody in the country had to watch it,” joked Falchuk.

Added Brennan, “I think a lot of problems we had would be solved if people got together and watched ‘Glee.'”

glee white house 02 'Glee': Is Barack Obama a fan? Well ...All kidding aside, if the First Family wasn’t a fan of the FOX musical comedy before, they certainly should be after the Easter Egg Roll. Not only did the cast perform favorite songs from the show, but cast member Amber Riley also showcased her incredible vocals when she sang the national anthem to kick off the festivities.

“Amber absolutely knocked the national anthem out of the park,” recalled Brennan. “For me it was one of the best moments of my life, just standing there right by the South Portico. We all stood up and watched Michelle and Barack and Malia and Sasha [Obama] standing next to Amber as she kind of wailed. What was great was Obama kept looking over to Michelle, eye wide, kind of like, ‘Damn this girl’s good.’ It was just absolutely incredible.”

glee white house amber 'Glee': Is Barack Obama a fan? Well ...
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Photo credits: FOX

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen