one direction getty 'Glee' is covering Brit boy band One Direction's hit 'What Makes You Beautiful'We know “Glee” appreciates boy bands — that’s been apparent ever since the Season 1 episode “Acafellas.” But now the show is getting in on 2012’s boy band revival by covering One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Matthew Morrison
, who plays glee club adviser Will Schuester on the FOX hit, tells British newspaper The Sun that the show will cover the group in an upcoming episode. “I’ve just heard of them, they’re really taking over the States. We are covering one of their songs on ‘Glee’ — ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ I need to YouTube it to practice.”

The Brit twentysomethings dropped their first album Stateside on March 13, and are scheduled to make their U.S. television debut on April 7’s Sofia Vergara-hosted “Saturday Night Live.” They’ll also appear on an upcoming episode of “iCarly.”

Meanwhile, “Glee” has already covered their rivals in song, The Wanted. They’re also a group of twentysomething Brits, but their album hasn’t yet landed across the pond. “Glee” covered their tune “Glad You Came” when the Dalton Warblers sang the song during Regionals.

It’s like the Backstreet Boys versus NSync debate all over again, but with accents!

Posted by:Jean Bentley