glee shooting star jane lynch leaving sue sylvester fox 'Glee': Is Jane Lynch leaving the show after 'Shooting Star'

With all of the drama that unfolded during “Shooting Star,” it might be easy to miss the big question posed by the show at the end: Is Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) leaving “Glee”?

The character of Sue Sylvester is undoubtedly leaving McKinley High School, at least for awhile. Getting fired because of a firearms violation isn’t something that can easily be overturned, even on “Glee.” But, as we have seen time and time again, leaving the school doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the show. Could there be another role for Sue in the larger “Glee” world?

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For now, anyway, the show isn’t saying. The Hollywood Reporter, reports that the official word from producer 20th Television is “Stay tuned.” Whatever the case, it’s unlikely that Sue’s story will finish before the season ends.

There’s also the possibility that this turn of events will not stand. Sue Sylvester could very well be facing a criminal investigation for her confessed crime of bringing a gun to school. Were that the case, you’d think that someone would find out that the gun fired in the school did not belong to the cheerleading coach. Sue’s cover-up for Becky (Lauren Potter) might still be adequate cause for firing, but there would be some question at that point.

Whether Jane Lynch is planning to leave “Glee” or not, there is no way that we have seen the last of Sue Sylvester.

Posted by:Laurel Brown