jane lynch madonna glee 320 'Glee': Jane Lynch spills on 'Vogue,' Mr. Schue's hair and kissing a little behindBe honest: How many times have you watched Sue Sylvester’s video version of “Vogue”?

While the Madonna episode of “Glee” doesn’t air until Tuesday (April 20), viewers got a sneak peek at the full performance after last week’s mid-season premiere.

… And, yeah, we might have rewatched it multiple times.

Don’t judge. 

It’s Jane Lynch. She warrants the worship.

Korbi TV caught up with Lynch recently and we just had to gush over her work in the episode.

“Well, thank you,” Lynch says in the video below. “It takes a village. I had terrific clothes. And not to take away from my awesomeness… but it’s a lot of people who put it together.”

So modest. Another reason we love the woman.
And there’s more…
Aside from the show-stopping “Vogue” number this Tuesday, fans will also learn a bit about Sue’s history and what her real issue with Mr. Schue’s hair is.

“It turns out Sue Sylvester so emulated Madonna that she dyed her hair platinum and it all fell out when she was a kid,” Lynch explains. “And it never really grew back right, so she had to keep her hair short. So she’s actually jealous of Will Schuester’s lustrous locks.”


Watch the video for more from Lynch, including why Sue’s about to test her brown-nosing skills…

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credit: FOX

Posted by:Marisa Roffman