glee props tina jenna ushkowitz 'Glee': Jenna Ushkowitz and Cory Monteith on the epic body switching episode, 'Props'When you’re a member of the close-knit “Glee” cast, acting like you’re inhabiting the body of one of your best friends could get weird. But Jenna Ushkowitz tells Zap2it that filming the “Props” episode was actually quite fun for the whole gang. But how does the premise come about?

“[Tina] bumps her head and sort of gets into this body-swapping thing and a lot of people turn into somebody else,” Ushkowitz explains. “I don’t want to give too much away, because it’s really really funny, but I will say that we all as people know each other really really well, so everybody who impersonates somebody else — it’s just really [funny].”

Cory Monteith says that acting like fellow McKinley High Senior was quite challenging despite the fact that they’ve been working together for three years now.

“It was challenging, because Chris Colfer and I are very different human beings,” Monteith says of trading places with his onscreen step-brother. “It also made me realize how great of an actor Chris Colfer is and how different he really is from Kurt as well. A lot of respect for that guy.”

What else can you expect from the first half of “Glee’s” epic two-hour episode on Tuesday, May 15? A Rachel-Tina duet — finally. “I had been wanting [it], but I never really spoke
up about it to Ryan [Murphy]. They actually gave us one, which was really

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